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As the shells get closer, it’s time to leave Kyiv. But how?

It’s time to get out. But there are no cars and no train tickets. Russian tanks are spotted in the city’s north. The explosions are getting closer.

Kyiv | As Russian rockets rain down on Ukraine’s capital, everyone is asking the same question: do we stay or do we go?

“My passport, it is at home. Two hours. But it is on the other side of Russian soldiers in the north-west,” says Ivan, a hotel staffer, talking about whether to try to flee the city.

Since Thursday morning, I have been hunkered down with journalists, hotel staff and Ukrainian families in the underground car park of the Hyatt Hotel.

At first, the bunker has an almost novelty feel. The explosions above become silent and you’re left feeling like the outside world almost doesn’t exist. Actor Sean Penn – in Kyiv to shoot a documentary – drinks black coffee from a large dispensing drum sitting on a makeshift card table.


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