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Russia v Ukraine: Putin’s ‘peacekeepers’ are a ‘declaration of war’

From Sky News Australia with Andrew Clennell

Fulbright scholar Misha Zelinsky says Vladimir Putin’s “peacekeeping” operation is a “declaration of war,” and what is taking place in eastern Ukraine is a “full-on invasion”.

This comes as members of the United Nations Security Council have condemned Russia after President Putin declared two areas in eastern Ukraine ‘”independent”.

Mr Putin says he is sending “peacekeeping” forces to support separatists, but the United States says this is nonsense.

“The Russians are under threat in … the eastern provinces of Ukraine and in those supposed independent regions of Donetsk and Luhansk – so he sent in this supposed peacekeeping force, but it’s a declaration of war,” Mr Zelinsky told Sky News Australia.

“So, we’ve got a full-on invasion of eastern Ukraine.”


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