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In my time as a writer, advocate, unionist and policy specialist I have had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of smart and considered people from around the world. It's the ideas from these discussions that I bring back to Illawarra and that help me build my vision for the next federal election


These conversations have helped shape my thinking, but also acted as a vessel to propel Labor's message and help present Australia's point of view to a global audience.

19 January 2022 

As a fourth-generation local, I know we must protect what makes the Illawarra so magical.

Wollongong must remain a place where you can raise a family and live the good life.

That's why I am asking Labor Party Members for their support to be Labor’s candidate for Cunningham.

I am ready to give this campaign my all to ensure that Cunningham plays its role in electing a united Labor Government – one that has a positive vision for our country.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be reaching out to members. I want your advice and to hear your vision for how Labor can improve our region and improve Australia.

G'day I'm Misha


The Reverberating Effects of AUKUS | 2021 Concordia Indo-Pacific Initiative

10 Nov 2021 - Concordia


Misha Zelinsky

Hagar Chemali


The AUKUS security pact between the U.S., the U.K., and Australia is a promising action to curb Chinese influence in the Indo-Pacific region, but not one that China will take lightly. Military escalation is a likely side effect of this pact, and the rest of the world must stand ready. This session will feature a timely discussion on how Indo-Pacific nations can protect themselves without creating a military standoff. Concordia is a member-based organization dedicated to actively fostering, elevating, and sustaining cross-sector partnerships for social impact.

17 Dec 2021 - Fulbright Australia

The defining principle of democracy is the idea of a government "by the people, for the people", but is it actually delivering for the people, or are authoritarian regimes producing better outcomes? In a year when the vulnerabilities of democracy have been brought into stark refrain, we asked author, policy commentator and Fulbright Scholar Misha Zelinsky to answer some of the tough questions about how our system of government is stacking up in 2021.

Democracy vs Authoritarianism

Concordia Announces Indo Pacific Initiative | Concordia 2021 Annual Summit

22 Sept 2021 - Concordia

Speakers: Misha Zelinsky

Morgan Ortagus

Brian Hook


The Concordia Indo-Pacific Initiative will feature a set of conversations designed to engage new networks and build credibility in the region, starting with programming at the 2021 Concordia Annual Summit and a digital summit parallel to the November 2021 APEC meeting, with the goal of holding an in-person Regional Summit in 2022. This initiative, primarily focused on trade and economic alliances, will also aim to strengthen the creation, support, and advancement of meaningful interactions between sectors that open pathways for trade, investment, social advancement, and the aligned pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals in a non-partisan manner.

25 Sept 2021 -  Oh My World with Hagar Chemali

THIS WEEK: The French got pretty upset after the U.S., UK, and Australia announced their trilateral defense pact not-at-all-awkwardly called AUKUS, where Australia will purchase nuclear-powered submarines from the United States (instead of France). Don’t miss our exclusive footage of French President Emmanuel Macron’s meltdown! In all seriousness - why is this defense pact important and what does it have to do with China? Australian trade unionist and Fulbright Scholar at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments Misha Zelinsky explains. 

25 Sept 2021 -  Oh My World with Hagar Chemali

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